Acupuncture works on the corresponding relationship between all parts of a body. So when you feel a stomach ache, a Chinese doctor may insert a needle into your arm.

There are many joints in our body, which allow us to move, and there is a gap between joints, which is called an acupoint.

Our physical body is maintained by circulated info-energy (qi or chi). Acupuncture basically works on qi than muscles or bones, and the way to reach the qi is through acupoints, very must like reaching underground rivers through caves on the ground.

This diagram is from Beneficial Prescriptions for a Life in Peace, an ancient Chinese medical book illustrating the main acupoints along the spine.

This diagram shows acupoints on your palm that connect to all parts of your body and reflect their health condition.

Your soles and ears are other panels for acupoints that congregate terminals to your entire body system.


hafay ibrahim
Where is the nervous system,.. how nervous breakdown could happen?

All Things Chinese
The nervous system is a communication superhighway between the organs and the brain. But the powerhouse that sends the information collected from the parts of the body through the highway to the brain is the kidney, where the yang qi (the life force, i.e. the energy with all the life information) is stored.

Nervous breakdown is usually the result of a weak kidney, as the original life force, we brought along when we were born, slowly depletes over the years, while no fresh yang qi to be filled in (which can be achieved through meditation and physical exercise).

I believe a holistic and organic and prevention-focused medical treatment system will be the mainstream in the future.

But before that, the political power of the extremely profitable drug multinationals must be neutralized, which may require fundamental political reform in some highly relevant countries (including the donation and voting systems).

Hyoon-dae Cheon
Isn’t there some valid, non-sensual acupressure near the cleavage of the buttocks. Lots of nerve endings there are crucial. Proof: remove a 3 finger-width, crescent-shaped hunk of buttock flesh by laser and replace with nerves-less silicone. Those missing nerves will be sorely missed… QOL (Quality of Life) will be unnerving. A never-ending story.

All Things Chinese
Actually, all nerves terminate at the fingertips and toes with fewer sensitive acupoints around the buttocks, which is why your bums were always made into convenient scapegoats by your entire physical system to receive punishments.

Think about this, when you were a little naughty boy, how your mom usually taught you a hard lesson? Hit your head or your bums?

Bums are the most dummy parts in your body with no passion nor intelligence coming from there so don’t worry about the buttocks 😛

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