Why Shanghai’s Covid Lockdown Is Full of Holes?



Hard to quell the human spirit.

All Things Chinese:

Certainly not. Shanghai governments and medical advisers have failed their job by going from one extreme (allowing money and the market to take over the situation) to another extreme (closing all shops) that is causing massive economic loss and human suffering.

Many people say it’s because Shanghai government officials and chief medical advisers are incapable of doing their jobs. But I think some of those (particularly that wretched online celebrity doctor Zhang Wenhong and the people behind him) must have more sinister agendas involved.

An American Drug Company in Shanghai

Pfizer Inc is more than just an American multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation.

Shortly before the suspicious outbreak of Covid19 in Shanghai, the city has just imported 100,000 blisters of Paxlovid from Pfizer Inc, treating mild COVID-19, priced at 460rmb for each. Traditional Chinese remedy Lotus Qingwen (连花清瘟) has already proven to be effective, costing less than 1rbm for a capsule. No wonder it’s hated by Pfizer associates.

Pfizer Inc is the biggest foreign drug company in China since the 1980s, employing over 10,000 local workers in 250 Chinese cities. Of which, 1,500 are local researchers mainly from SHANGHAI and WUHAN.

The local agents of the corporate US in political, business, medical & media made the corporate (especially drug company) profits matter more than human life which is why Shanghai was so ill-prepared (possibly deliberately) when it comes to lockdown.



The outbreaks in Shanghai are suspicious and I also suspect saboteurs.

All Things Chinese

With just one glance at that clown doctor’s face, you’ll know he’s a power-worshiper & fame-chaser & could do anything in order to climb up on the social ladder, especially on the world stage. But he’s just a front man. Those behind him are far more dangerous.

Shanghai Lessons

Delay to reward may cause doubts; deferring punishment could result in further negligence in duties, thus the force will lose its morale.

— a quote from The Art Of War, the earliest study on operant conditioning

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