Ancient water town Qiandeng (千灯) is located in Suzhou’s Kunshan, where Kunqu, the mother of all Chinese operas, originated.

The waterfronts of most Chinese towns are traditionally allocated as public spaces. In Qiandeng, an elaborate pavilion is also erected in the form of a boat, which can be used for Kungqu opera performances.

The main shopping street of Qiandeng town

Most traditional Chinese towns would have at least one shopping street with the street front on the ground floor for commercial use and the rear parts as well as upper levels functioning as private residences.

A stone arch bridge is often a main feature in traditional southern-style Chinese towns since a water channel often runs through the town centre and cuts the shopping street in two parts.

Viewing the ancient water town from a high perspective

The front gate of the former residence of Gu Yanwu (顾炎武 1613 – 1682), a great Chinese philosopher and historian.

When the violent social unrest – prompted by the factional struggles between political parties and forces at the end of the Ming dynasty – spread and the Manchu armies took this opportunity to break through the Great Wall and invade China, Gu Yanwu left his life of privilege and comfort to join the resistance movement.

The former garden residence of Gu Yanwu

A statue of Gu Yanwu in his former residence

Each man bears the responsibility for the future of humanity. — by Gu Yanwu. 


A wise saying.

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Yes, it is wise. If someone only cares about oneself but neglects the rest of his world, it would be like someone takes sides with a particular part of his body but ignores his whole body system.

Alan Watts once said, if you get fascinated with your own blood vessels and start to take sides with red blood cells and wish they can win in their battle against the white blood cells, you’ll get yourself in trouble.

Thus when one bears responsibility for the future of all, he is actually looking after the future of entire his own abstract being.

Therefore, when we do so, we don’t need an appointment or payment or recognition, just like when we eat and sleep we don’t need anyone to award us as they are for our own well-being.

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Not DONALD TRUMP for Sure 😁😁😁😁😁

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Trump: Each man bears the responsibility for the future of my presidency. 😁

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