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On February 2, BBC published an article alleging forced labour and systematic rape even genocide in Uyghur concentration camps in China’s Xinjiang Province.

Three days later, a Chinese media labelled BBC fake news. Almost immediately, a BBC journalist complained.

Then the owner of a website that is dedicated to introducing Chinese writers, particularly controversial/dissident writers, jumped to BBC’s defense on Twitter.


Please cite us to some of these stories, so we’ll know what you consider “racially-motivated smear campaigns”.

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The latest fake news is about Xinjiang, a filthy systematic rape tale imagined out by an ugly woman’s dirty mind to defame Chinese men.

I’ve seen a couple of episodes of this BBC series (none dealing w/rape, though) and thought it was well documented. Stories told by people were always either verified from other sources, or noted as unverified. Reporting allegations aren’t “fake news” when labeled as unverified.

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I’ve also seen many episodes of the BBC series Sherlock Holmes by Jeremy Brett, one of my all-time favourites. I didn’t see any mention of Xinjiang in them, let alone the alleged systematic group rape. I hope you do know what I talked about before jumping in to defend BBC.

You’re really reaching. If a woman alleges rape and the BBC reports the allegation (identified as such), then the BBC’s report is the truth. And I know exactly what you’re talking about. You think “fake news” means any news report you don’t want to hear, true or not.

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I don’t know who is reaching out. “BBC series (none dealing w/rape, though)” is this your word?

Read the tweets below.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman: The woman in the photo claimed to be locked in the re-education concentration camp, which is a lie. She never attended any class or stayed in any camp. She said she was forced to remove the uterus, but that is not true. When she gave birth to her third child at Wulumuqi Women & Children Hospital in March 2013, she signed the agreement on cesarean delivery and asked to undergo a tubal ligation operation. 

You say “If a woman alleges rape & BBC reports the allegation (identified as such), then BBC’s report is the truth.” Can I publish a report on our website that you molested a kid based on that child’s allegation and “identified as such”? Then my report must be the truth, right?

Yes, of course you can. However, since I’m not a public figure (unlike the CCP), when I sue for liable you will need to prove not only that the report of the allegation is true, but also that the reported allegation is itself true, or at least supported by evidence.

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Are the Chinese men (policemen or soldiers) who are falsely accused of committing systematic group rape against her and other Uyghur women private citizens? If you’ve ever bothered to read Chinese text, you should know it’s completely false. Should she and BBC be liable for the malicious vilification against private citizens just like yourself? Or they don’t deserve it because they are Chinese men?

If this is the case, tell me again, BBC is not racist? And you are not racist?

Published a report with serious allegations against a people purely based on hearsay, is this BBC’s so-called journalistic ethics? Is this not a deliberate racial smear against a people?

No, it’s not. It’s an honest report on what people are saying about the CCP’s actions in Xinjiang. It’s the woman who may be slurring the Chinese, not the BBC. Since you appear to be a native English speaker, I assume you can understand what I’m saying, or could if you wanted to.

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Yet you don’t seem to have read or understood or want to understand the content in Chinese on the post.

The woman in the photo who made the allegations was never detained (she claimed she was gang-raped regularly while in detention) and She was never subjected to forced sterilization but asked & signed for a surgical procedure to prevent future pregnancy due to cesarean delivery for her third child.

Yet BBC would just publish this liar’s claims without checking facts and you think they respect the truth. 😠

So you think it’s okay for a state-sponsored media like BBC to help spread lies if the lies can be used to vilify a country and a people that BBC & its financial sponsors appear to hate guts?

No, “they’re” my “words”. While I haven’t seen the segment you refer to, I’ve seen enough BBC reports to know they’re very careful to report allegations as such. If you want me to believe they reported a rape allegation as truth without verification, you’ll have to prove it.

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I’m only here to answer the question you asked me not here to convince you. What you like to believe is entirely your business, not mine.

Focus! Re the woman’s rape claim, it’s she said, they said. If you have proof of who’s right, what is it? Re slur, assuming there was one, it was apparently only a slur on some men who happen to be Chinese. If you have anything to show a racist slur on all Chinese men, show me.

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BBC has already shown it by deliberately spreading lies and you’ve already shown it when you think BBC has a right to spread lies against a group of private Chinese citizens. They are the boyfriends, the husbands, the fathers and the sons of their loved ones. Don’t you think their lives could be ruined by BBC’s defamation campaign? They also have friends and colleagues, do you think their female friends and colleagues would still want to have them hanging around?

You seem not to realize there are new laws against online insult and abuse. Now BBC did it and has done so repeatedly against Chinese people, sometimes a group of Chinese, yet you think they have a right to do so. Is this not racist?

If the CCP”s statement is “evidence”, so is the woman’s statement. You have no more reason to believe them than her, except your personal bias. When I say “evidence”, I mean objective things like quotes from BBC broadcasts, video clips, etc. Use some common sense, man.

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It’s the Chinese government, are you able to call something as it is? If you are so blind before the evidence just because the evidence is presented by people you hate and defend the lies because the lies are made by the people you love, I have nothing more to say to you.

You think the CCP doesn’t control the Chinese government, and you call me blind? 

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CCP does control the Chinese government, which is why China succeeds and which is also why all those China-bashers (that include a sizable number of Chinese, particularly those from Taiwan and the followers of Falungong) hate the CCP so much. But it’s silly for you to call the Chinese government CC Party.

Do you call the White House spokesman Democrats spokesman? Or UK gov spokesman Conservative Party spokesman? They are two different positions. Have you ever learned how to address anyone or anything properly?

Parties in Western countries do not control their governments to the same extent that the CCP controls China. However, I would say, yes, the White House spokesman speaks for the leader of the Democratic party, and the same in the UK.

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Parties in the West do control their governments when they are in the government. After all, the western two-party-based government is a system that is failing.

One group (scholar or CCP) that controls the government is China’s tradition which although is not perfect but works better than that in the West, and will be the basis for a new civilization. A lot of guys in the West don’t like it, tough luck.

If you seriously believe that parties in the West control their governments to the same extent that the CCP controls China, why do you believe that China’s one-party system is superior?

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Because it eliminates party politics that divide the community, because it enables both grassroots democracy and centralization, and because it allows wild community consultation while getting the jobs done effectively.

Currently, in the West, spatially in the US & UK, there is no genuine democracy for the majority of people in the grassroots but elite democracy based on the social class they belong to, corporate democracy via money politics and media democracy which is in fact media dictatorship.

I assume you’re living in China. If you make the same type of unsupported allegations against 新华社 that you’ve made against the BBC, what do you think the one-party democracy would do to you?

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Don’t assume anything when it is clearly not your strength. But I can tell you I do question anyone and anything when I think there is a question.

I did a search on some big Chinese social media platforms and found the major Chinese state-owned media outlets (including Xinhua, People’s Daily & CCTV) are the subjects of harsh criticism by the Chinese public, while Nanfang Ribao & its associated media such as Xinjing Bao, owned by the local govs, are scathingly attacked & viewed as Washington’s Chinese mouthpieces.

I think major Chinese media & its boss in the Chinese gov are seriously incompetent, to say the least, but they usually don’t make up stories.

As for China’s commercial media, such as Xinlang & Tengxun, they do like to be sensational from time to time and act stupidly by keeping filtering keywords on their social media platforms. On the whole, Chinese media is doing a disservice to the nation & the people it belongs to.

There are lies as nasty as those from, for instance, the BBC, that could be found on China’s online media, yet they are mostly the products of journalists or amateur journalists reporting news on entertainment sectors. Many of them sound like typical gossip women in villages. Some even appear to be semi-illiterate or mentally disturbed.

A word to the wise: be careful about saying other people sound like gossipy women.

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What a hypocrite you are.

You think it’s not ok for me to call those malicious gossipy women gossipy women who poisoned China’s social atmosphere while thinking it’s all right for the BBC to publically accuse Chinese police or soldiers of systematically raping Uighur women.

Here’s some more common sense for you. Everywhere in the world, where males guard female residences, sexual harassment up to and including rape will sometimes occur. That doesn’t change just because the males happen to be Chinese or Communist Party members.

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That is your logic, right? If you know you are a bad man, there will be no good man in the world.

Those are your words, not mine. If I think there are rapists in every country, that does not mean I think every man is a rapist. 

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Even when you think (rightfully) there are rapists in China, it doesn’t mean you have a right without evidence to accuse those particular Chinese men of rapists.

Now BBC has been kicked out of China, and its supporters (like you) cry sour. Why bother? Their journalists frequently invented news about China, they don’t need to be in China to do so.

I’m not accusing anyone of anything. That lady (and possibly others) is making an allegation against the guard(s), and you’re making allegations against the BBC. All I’m doing is pointing out the fallacies in your argument.

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I’m not making baseless allegations against the BBC (the evidence is shown in the posts unless you are blind), while that woman vilifies the guards and the BBC pretends not to know it (you too).

The only “evidence” you’ve presented is a statement by the CCP. If Trump says “My accusers are lying and I’ve got hospital records to prove it”, is that “evidence?

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Don’t fool yourself by being a selective reader. Here are more.

According to Warand Security, BBC also has secret links with the British Intelligent Agency M16.

Why Lie and Why Now

Why do BBC and its political masters want to make lies about Xinjiang, and why now? Because Xinjiang sits squarely on the Silk Road that is going to be revived as a direct link to Mideast and Europe bypassing Anglo nations’ marine force, which threatens Five Eyes’ hegemonic power.

Two Sources of the BBC’s Lies

1) Omer Kanat, from World Uyghur Congress (funded by the CIA branch NED).

Report: How do you know 1 million Uyghurs were detained?

Omer: I learned it from Radio Free Adia (also funded by NED)

2) Adrian Zenz, a Christian evangelical extremist who leads the Global Xinjiang Narrative. More at chollima.org

According to The Gray Zone, the genocide tale stems from a single source: a June 2020 paper by Adrian Zenz. Reports by the Associated Press, CNN, and BBC also relied on that article. However, a close review of Zenz’s research found flagrant data abuse and outright falsehoods.

Adrian Zenz openly declared that all “other belief systems” to Christianity are “ultimately inspired by Satan” and “those who reject faith in Jesus will be sentenced to eternal punishment.”

Do you really think a fanatic crusader will care about the fate of Uyghur muslins in China, given this man has already condemned nonbelievers of his faith to “eternal punishment”? He’s only too keen to see all non-Christian Chinese go to hell.

The lies about the Xinjiang genocide are just part of the anti-China war, while the anti-China war is part of a new-age Christian crusade.

BBC Is to Face Defamation Lawsuit from Uyghur Chinese in Xinjiang Province.

Washington and Xinjiang

Western Media and Xinjiang

2 thought on “BBC and Xinjiang”
  1. The Chinese establishment, especially its ordinary people must be always alert against the continuous attempt – sometimes in an open way, sometimes in a more discreet way – from a part of the western establishment to “westernize” China, a movement well named by Prof. Martin Jacques in his famous book, that is characterized by an intense and coordinated proselytism as the spearhead of its westernization campaign. Becoming again wealthy, it’s no wonder why China is seen as a precious booty by western eyes, the same way they saw China in those sad years that led to the Opium Wars. Btw, wasn’t in March, current month, the emergence of the second Opium War?

    1. Hi Jone, so nice to see you again. Ever since April 2019, I’ve lost contact with most Googlers who came to my Google Plus account and became friends with me. Now my major social media site is Twitter, a hostile territory where I acquired more enemies than friends 😓. On the other hand, since the world has entered the phase of direct conflict and fast approaches the final showdown for a better civilised mankind, even if Google Plus still were there, things might not be the same.
      Western civilisation is brilliant and has achieved greatly, particularly in the recent centuries, but on the whole and by essence, it is mainly based on the jungle law on earth than the law of Dao that governs the cosmos that Chinese civilisation follows, to a certain extent.

      Lately, I noticed a pathetic yet popular rhetoric that claims there is no difference in quality between all human civilisations/cultures. If that is true, then there will be no point in social development.
      Chinese civilisation was knocked down by lower civilisations several times in the past thousand years (by Mongols, by Manchus, by Japanese and by that from the West, especially from the USA) with the ramification still lingering in many areas.
      Fortunately, it has safely passed the crucial intersection or say historical turning point since the late last year, so is humanity. ✌ The future of civilization on the earth will be bright.

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