Why Xinjiang Why Now

A US military officer reveals the true motivation behind America’s invasion of Afghanistan and why the Western governments & media keep promoting “Uyghur Genocide” disinformation.

They Manufactured Lies – A US Colonel Exposes the Truth Behind Washington’s Attack on Xinjiang

The Lies Are Made 20 Years Ago – A Former FBI Staff Reveals the Truth on Washington’s Attack on Xinjiang

To take down China through Xinjiang via Afghanistan is Washington’s plan initiated 20 years ago. The showy and brainless former FIB staff Sibel Edmonds revealed it thrilly and smugly in a 2015 interview.

According to the plan, Xinjiang shall be the main center stage for Operation Gladio B, the codename for clandestine “stay-behind” operations of militant campaigns in the post-Cold War era that is organized by the CIA, in collaboration with Five Eyes intelligence agencies. The objective is to turn Xinjiang into the next Taiwan.

Xinjiang is so important because the pipelines for oil and natural gas are entering China from there, and Washington wants to make sure an energy-hungry China is not going to have an easy time providing power supply to its huge population and large economy.

Edmond admitted that the Western nations and the United States never care about the people (in Xinjiang), but want to utilize and capitalize on the area to achieve their (global) objective. Washington likes to play gender card and race cards within China, so with regard to Xinjiang, Uyghur as an ethnic minority, ought to be portrayed as a suppressed people without land, although she acknowledged the truth about Xinjiang’s reality is much closer to the Chinese side than the Western version.

This is what Washington wants Xinjiang to become.



@MaxBlumenthal Have you seen this video of Col. Wilkerson?

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Evidence shows Five Eyes & their allies are trying to use Afghanistan & Xinjiang to redirect the conflict between Isreal/the USA and the Islamic world, to rechannel the migration wave from the war-torn Middle East to China, and to sabotage China’s Road and Belt initiative.

Have you noticed that in key places along the BRI – in Africa and SE Asia – that suddenly extremism, terrorism, and rightwing military coups have sprung up?

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Yes, I’ve noticed. It’s part of the warm-up towards the final showdown.

They Know They’ve Manufactured Lies – Washington & Its Allies Decline China’s Invitation to Visit Xinjiang


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They are not ostrich burying their heads in sand. Washington and its allies & their media know the truth perfectly. They lie on purpose because it’s part of their new-age crusade – their aim is to provoke a war between China and the Islamic World.

However, in fact, China has very good relations with most Muslim countries in the world, and the United States has attacked almost all Muslim countries.

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That is so true. For one thing, China never invaded any Muslim countries to kill the locals and to steal their oil and other cultural & natural resources. As an Uyghur Muslin living in Xinjiang, you certainly know better about Xinjiang than Western politicians and journalists.

The Real Story in Xinjiang

The Voice of the Local Uyghurs Living in Xinjiang

Tursunali is a Uyghur living in Xinjiang. “There’s been no terrorist attack in Xinjiang for 5 yrs. Police crackdown on drug trafficking, we live in a secure social environment and don’t need to worry about being attacked on the streets or in schools. I don’t think we need West’s help.”

The Personal Experiences of Those Travelled to Xinjiang

A Chinese Man from Anhui Province Travelled to Xinjiang in Summer 2020

He travelled alone last summer to Kashar, the biggest Uyghur city in Xinjiang, and recorded his experience.

More at A Man, A Dog and A Home on the Wheels

Three Franch Men Travelled to Wulumuqi in Early 2020

In January 2020, two French tourists in China decided to travel to Wulumuqi, the capital city of Xijiang Province in China’s northwest from Haikou, the capital city of Hainan Province in China’s southeast by, not by flight, not train, but by taxi.

The direct road trip between Hainan and Xinjiang.

They took a detour via a mountainous Guizhou province, which increased the length of their journey from 4,600 km to 6,500 km.

A highway in Guizhou province.

A highway in Xinjiang province.

After 6 days, they arrived in Wulumuqi, the capital city of Xinjiang Province.

Two ingenious French tourists and a courageous Chinese taxi driver.

Xinjiang Cotton Fields

Australia is not yet an industrialized country and still rely heavily on human hands to collect the fruits in the field during the harvest seasons. Most of the fruit pickers working on a casual basis are the Aborigines and overseas backpackers.

Harvest season in Xinjiang in Xinjiang’s cotton field

China is the biggest industrialized country in the world and since 2000, the cotton farms in Xinjiang no longer rely on seasonal workers from the local people and people from all over China to do the job. Machines are forced to work in the field.

China’s Ethnic Reality

Terrorists in Xinjiang

It doesn’t mean Xinjiang is all about prosperity and harmony and Washington’s effort to drive Islamic Extremists to China via Afganistan has yielded no result.

May 7, 2009

Terrorists Attacked

Over a thousand people were killed or injured in the massacre instigated by Washington-funded and trained terrorists with the assistance of the Turkish government.

A Han Family Destroyed

Zhang Mingfu weeps after failing to find the body of his sister-in-law, Yu Xingzhi who the family members think may have died when Muslim Uighurs attacked the Chinese-owned shop in Urumqi, western China’s Xinjiang province, Saturday, July 11, 2009. A week after western China’s worst ethnic violence in decades brought a security clampdown, people were tallying their losses and looking for answers about what happened. 

Until 7 May, there was a food store on Middle Bay Street (中湾街) in Urumqi run by Mr Zhang, a Han Chinese. Mr Zhang happily lived with his mother, his wife, his son and a young relative in the back of the shop, while his old brother managed another store in the town.

On the afternoon of 7 May, his brother received a call from Mr Zhang and was urged to close the store and flee with his family. That night at 10:42 pm, his brother’s cell phone rang again and he heard Mr Zhang speak on the other end of the line in a hushed, low voice, “Hi, hi, speak, speak ….” Then the mobile disconnected abruptly.

The next morning, his brother rushed to Middle Bay Street only to find a ruined site where Mr Zhang’s store used to stand and the family of five once lived. In the wreckage, his brother dug out four charred bodies, including his 84-year-old mother and 13-year-old nephew. All of them had their heads and limbs chopped off – a trademark execution style of Al-Qaeda Terrorists.

A Kebab Stall Owner

The young man in a white shirt is an ethnic Uighur Chinese named Aikener (艾肯尔). Aikener migrated to Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang Province, about a year ago from a Uighur-dominated region Akesu (阿克苏), and ran a kebab stall next to a restaurant owned by a Han Chinese woman whom he addressed as Big Sister Wang.

On the day of 5 July 2009, Aikener kept receiving text messages and phone calls from the CIA-funded World Uyghur Congress and was repeatedly urged to join a congregation to kill Han Chinese in the town, for which, as he was promised, he would receive 100 yuans as a reward.

Aikener did not go and thought he would be left alone without trouble. But he was wrong. Two days after the terrorist rampage, for his decline to be part of the riot, a gang of mobs smashed his stall.

In the following days, Aikener and his family dared not to venture out of their home. During that difficult period, Big Sister Wang, along with her husband and workers in the restaurant that was also damaged, kept delivering food to the Aikener family and eventually helped him to restore his kebab business.

On the day of returning to work at his stall, Aikener sent kebabs and pies to the military police guarding the area nearby to thank them for keeping the street safe.

Uyghur Congress and CIA

After the violent riot in Tibet in the previous year, Rebiya Kadeer, a convicted corrupt businesswoman and the head of the World Uighur Congress and the Uighur American Association, declared in America publicly that something similar should happen in Xinjiang. And the bloody carnage that happened afterward indeed looks so much like a copycat of the Lhasa riot.

According to some anti-terrorist experts, the riot was by no means incidental and spontaneous but a well-organized event, with the attacks, occurring in several locations simultaneously and civilians being targeted indiscriminately.

According to the figures provided by the website of America’s National Endowment for Democracy, the World Uyghur Congress, the Uighur American Association, and the International Uyghur Human Rights and Democracy Foundation have been receiving a large sum of funds from NED, the financial arm of the CIA.

Since 2008 NED has provided financial support for all separatist Uyghur organizations, with the amount totaling $570,000 USD. The figures also show that the financial assistance to these separatist organizations increased rapidly prior to the 2009 riot: in 2005 the amount was $120,000, in 2006 it was $390,000, 2007 the figure jumped to $520,000, and in 2008 when the U.S. was facing a total financial meltdown and asking for China’s monetary support, the financial add to Xinjiang terrorist groups was a massive $570,000. The following is a snapshot of the website page of the National Endowment for Democracy of the United States:

East Turkestan Islamic Movement is a militant Uyghur organization that advocates the creation of an independent Islamic state of Est Turkestan. ETIM is described as a terrorist organisation by the United Nations, and listed by the United States as such in 2002. The organization is blamed for several car bomb attacks in Xinjiang in the 1990s, as well as the death of a Chinese diplomat in Kyrgyzstan in 2002. In its 2005 report on terrorism, the US State Department claimed that the group was “linked to Al-Qaeda and the international jihadist movement” and that Al-Qaeda provided the group with “training and financial assistance”. Approximately two dozen Chinese Uyghurs who were held in extrajudicial detention at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp had travelled to Wulumuqi shortly before the riot.

The Real Forced Labour and Genocides As They Happened

Forced Labour of Black Slaves in the Cotton Fields

Forced Labour in the Cotton Field 1850: A white overseer riding past black slaves forced to pick cotton in the United States, the leader of the Free World.

Systematic Genocide of Native Indians That Lasted for Centuries


Bondrewd simp
A, we weren’t fighting to keep out land like any other nation.

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I’ve heard the legends told among native Indians that many of their ancestors have chosen not to go elsewhere but stay close to earth monitoring the situation on the land. They have not given up.

Of course, the US belongs to everyone living there today, regardless of their origin, but you can’t say because of this the invasion of the British settlers should be called migration, and the fight between the invaders and the natives should be considered as civil wars.

The same thing happened in China. Some Chinese defended the Mongol’s Yuan & Manchu’s Qing, saying since some of their descendants are Chinese nationals now, therefore there were no invasions and genocides occurred but civil wars.

I feel sorry for the Japanese who failed to keep conquering and colonizing China, otherwise, nobody would ever bother to mention Nanjing Massacre. “What Nanjing Massacre? It was just a fight between brothers. Bros do like to fight with each other from time to time, don’t they?”

The Real Forced Labour and Genocide Are Still Happening

Forced Labour in the USA Today

The Concentration Camps in the USA

The Genocide of the Muslin Populations by The US War Machine

In Afghanistan

The US “kill team” took scores of photos chronicling their kills and their time in Afghanistan. 

They routinely planted weapons on the bodies of unarmed civilians they killed, in order to frame their victims as enemy combatants. The presence of a “drop weapon” guaranteed that a shooting would be considered a “legitimate kill” under US law.

The images portray a front-line culture among U.S. troops in which killing innocent civilians is seen as a cause for celebration. “Most people within the unit disliked the Afghan people,” one of the soldiers told Army investigators. “Everyone would say they’re savages.

It was Tomb Sweeping Day 11 years ago. So far, the Afghan Muslim victims’ tombs still haven’t been swept and the mass murderers are still at large only the whistleblower has been locked behind the bars.

In Iraq

When former US state secretary Albright asked how she justified the killing of 500,000 Iraqi children in the Iraqi war for the none-existed MDW, Madeleine’s said yes.

Both Albright and Blinken have Jewish heritage, and wonder if they are going to justify the holocaust.

Iraqi prisoners, most of whom were resistance fighters defending their own country from foreign invasion of the US troops, were treated as subhumans, like what Nazi Germany and Fascist Japan did to Jews and Chinese during WWII.

In Syria

In the Middle East and Africa

Around the Globe

Three visually impaired beggers following their blind leader – an animation created from a Song Dynasty painting Qingmingshanghe Tu.

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